Iran Oil & Gas Post Sanctions: Preparing for the New Era

Unleashing the Potential of a Post Sanctions Iran

The two day strategic Iran Oil & Gas Post Sanctions Summit will discuss topics and issues from across the oil and gas value chain, providing delegates with an in-depth insight into Iran – post sanctions. Speakers include both senior Iranian representatives and key figures from the international oil and gas community, who will share insights into the exciting opportunities and key challenges that will arise in Iran –post sanctions.

This oil and gas event is a must-attend for any organisation considering operating in Iran.

Key Topics to Be Discussed at the Summit Include:

  • New Era of Opportunity: New Terms, New Projects and Announcements
  • Understanding the New Contractual Frameworks Governing Upstream E&P
  • Plans, Projects and Opportunities in the Upstream Oil & Gas Sector in a New Era
  • What Capabilities are Required to Bring the Iranian Oil and Gas Industry to the Next Level?

14-16 December 2015, London