About us
A global pioneer mentality applied to the Middle East energy sector

Energy Pioneers is a strategic investment consulting company specialising in the Middle East energy sector. We are home to energy economists, industry strategists, risk analysts and legal experts, all specialising in the Middle East energy market.

Widely recognised as the leading Middle East focused energy advisory firm, Energy Pioneers has been at the forefront of the opening up of the growth markets in the region, assisting many major international players to navigate a wide range of complex market and policy risks and opportunities in the region's vast energy sector.

With active legal, consulting and financial advisory arms, Energy Pioneers works closely with international energy companies, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), investment funds and international financial institutions to develop and manage portfolios in the region, and to establish sustainable partnerships with competent domestic companies.

Turning risks into opportunities

At Energy Pioneers, we closely work with our clients to assess investment risks and opportunities in the Middle East energy market. This includes the analyses of the regional countries policies and regulatory frameworks, assessment of geopolitical risks affecting our clients' business operation, the preparation of integrated market strategy plans for entering the market, and the identification of investment opportunities to fit individual client's capabilities.

Reports & Analysis
MENA and Iran Energy Market Insight and Analysis

Our on-the-ground research team delivers non-partisan reports and analysis on various segments of the energy sector using publicly available data and local databases and expertise. Our aim is to provide timely and target-based analyses to keep our clients up to date on their investment decisions in the region and Iran's energy sector.