At Energy Pioneers, we closely work with our business partners to seize investment opportunities in the Middle East energy market.

Our services include analyses of the countries’ policies and regulatory frameworks, assessments of the available business and investment opportunities and assisting our clients to seize these opportunities.

Our strong and growing network of business people, investors, and decision-makers throughout the MENA's energy sector puts us in a unique position to ensure that our clients’ investment interests are protected.

Our services cover foreign investment and business development activities in the oil and gas sector and in the burgeoning market for renewable energy. We have been actively developing water resources management projects together with our business partners or clients as well as energy conservation and efficiency enhancement.


Oil & Gas Upstream

We provide financial and technical support in virtually all of the exploration and operation activities of Middle Eastern oil and gas companies. This includes business development advice; risk assessment; and locating and negotiating with the very best domestic partners for our clients. We also provide critical compliance services and due diligence and legal support through both our local legal counsel and leading international law firms. We can offer our support through co-developing upstream oil and gas projects in the region.

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Power & Utilities

Energy Pioneers has been at the forefront of projects in the power sector, working side by side with major European and Asian project developers and financiers. We have offered expert financial, technical and legal services to a number of international companies in the region. Our expertise has been brought to bear on multi-billion dollar investments in this sector.

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Petrochemical & Refinery

In the petrochemical sector, Energy Pioneers has a proven track record of delivering critical and independent advisory services on planned, developing and operational projects across the region. We are awareness of shifting commercial and development trends throughout the industry. We have an excellent understanding of the regulatory environment and the policies influencing the development of projects in the region.

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Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency

Our specialist renewable energy team has been providing a full range of financial and technical services to major international companies and investors interested in the Middle East rich renewable energy market. At the heart of our renewable energy expertise is our in-depth knowledge of the evolving energy policies in the Middle East, the fiscal and commercial issues relating to investment, and the operational capabilities of the domestic wind and solar sector. We have co-developed more 100MW solar projects in the region with additional 250MW in the pipeline.

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